9 dpiui

So the past few days have sucked.. both the kids and I are sick… so today I was going to get them to the doctor and this morning I was sneezing and I sneezed so hard I pulled out my back….. like so bad I can barely get up and I can barely pick up the baby… 

The doctor has confirmed strep for me and sinus infections for the girls….

So ya we are all sick… the husband so far has nothing but the doctor gave me a prescription for him in case he started to have symptoms… 

and to top it all off it’s been 95 degrees here with 90% humidity the past few days and I’m dying! Gah,,. 

So Monday I get to have the pregnancy test…. I’m really hoping I am…. praying praying praying…. 


iui Wednesday!

Okay everyone so I had to leave no later than 7:15 am …. I got up at 6:40 and used the bathroom got dressed…. then got Melanie up and going made her breakfast packed her lunch all that and then I got the baby up dressed and changed her…. brought them down and my husband was just going in to use the bathroom at 7 am…. omg….
I didn’t want to rush him cause he said when he’s done he’ll take a shower then give me the goods…. I’m downstairs and it’s awkward cause I don’t know if I should message him…. be like hey are you doing tickling the pickle? 
So I go up there he gives me the goods and it’s already 7:19…. ugh I’m racing and I call the fertility place and they said no you’re fine… so I get there give them the stuff and I make myself comfortable cause it takes 45 min to get it ready…. people come in and leave …. I’m there just on my phone….
I get called back and this room awaits me 

Oh yes pretty sexy ;)… my RE comes in and is like well your husband has some super awesome sperm… and he actually had so much their motility was only 80% and now that I cleaned it they are at 84%
So great sperm and then she has me lay back and the procedure begins and she’s like oh your lining looks great your mucus looks wonderful like you are ovulating right now! Yay
So she has me stay laying back after it’s done… she has a timer running and says when it’s done you can go… omg … it never goes off… she knocks on my door … like you can go now lol the timer got stuck! Whoops
So anyway we talked about what’s next and I told her because of my history I felt more comfortable already taking the progesterone … so she gave me a script for that…. and now I’m scheduled to go in the 25th for a pregnancy test!!!!
Anyway I get home and look through goodrx.com to see if I could get this progesterone cheaper… ugh it’s still like $98 ! …. so freaking expensive… my insurance doesn’t cover much but I found a coupon and that’s what it ended up being… blah… 
So I go to Walmart because it’s the cheapest there and I have them fill it and the lady is like well we are almost out I can give you half I said nah I’ll wait…. so I can get it on Friday… blah I was hoping to get it tomorrow…
I ended up buying some stuff since I was at the store I left and I have Cassidy with me… I go to the car after checking out and I get the stuff in the car I walk the cart to the corral thing and take her out and put her in the car and I go home… I pull into the garage and start getting out and omg… I can not find my baby bag…. ugh 
I rush back to Walmart and it’s there in the cart my wallet was on the top… someone could’ve easily took it… thank you God no one did… so after my heart stops exploding I’m finally home!
So I’m just relaxing the rest of the day. And I am just hoping and praying that I get pregnant!!!!

iui has been scheduled

Okay I had another follicular ultrasound and I have only 1 follicle that is responding and it’s 21 mm. The other follicle on my left side only grew to 11mm… so I’m wondering if that’s a cyst… blah

So my numbers look good! I’ve been given the go ahead to trigger tonight at 8:30pm and to bd tonight and then tomorrow we were told not to do anything and Wednesday morning I’ll get the goods and go to the clinic and have the iui. My appointment is at 7:30 am to bring in the goods.

So my husband will be staying home with the kids because my daughter has to be on the bus at 8am and then he has to wake the little one and take care of her… I was told that I’d be waiting for 45 min for the specimen to be cleaned and then I’ll be taken to a room and they’ll do the procedure and then I can go and my husband can go to work. So ya should be an interesting day Wednesday! 

I’m nervous.. oi 

Another appointment

Ugh this process is so long! Okay so yesterday I had another appointment with my RE! And so the same on the right 1 follicle 1 cyst. My follicle has grown and is measuring 16 mm now. 

So she checked my left ovary to see if anything is happening on that side and to our surprise I have a 10mm follicle on that side!

So one on each side = a better chance at conceiving!

So I had received a call from my RE saying that she thinks it would be better if we wait for Monday and then check to make sure things are going as they should she says the doctor is wanting me to just trigger on the weekend and have the iui on Monday and I’m not feeling comfortable with that because my follicles were small and I’d rather have a better number and be checked. 

I tell my RE this isn’t a cheap thing to do and I don’t want to mess it up! 

So I go back Monday to be checked and we go from there but she is sure I’ll do the iui next week. So I’m asking for prayers and thoughts and all the good vibes that this cycle takes and we are able to get pregnant! 



Don’t know if it’s the hormones… or disappointing doctors appointments or crap going on in my life… but today I just feel like I don’t even want to exist anymore… 

Update: Follicular Ultrasound 

So this cycle isn’t looking as good as my cycle that I got pregnant with Cassidy….

So my lining is low at a 6.4 they want me at an 8. And my RE got really excited because she thought my cyst was a follicle and of course it wasn’t… and I knew it but she had to double check and then she realized oh it’s a cyst….  so right now I only have 1 follicle that is growing on my right ovary… which is very disappointing because with Cassidy I had great lining and 3 follicles growing 2 on one ovary and 1 on the other… so great chances of getting pregnant…. now I literally only have 1 follicle at 13mm so right now I’m not ready for the ovidrel shot…

So I have another appointment on Friday at the same time and she’ll check me again and hopefully my one little follicle has grown enough… I’m not happy about having to drive an hour and a half to the clinic because mine doesn’t do iui’s on weekends 😭…. 

so ya I’m a little depressed because I just thought things would be like last time… and it’s not…. so I’m bummed…. sigh…. 

update: my RE just called and said my numbers are really low so we are just too early in this cycle which can be normal and she sees a lot of women ovulate late on the Femara. I’ve heard this before so I’m not surprised. I asked her what’s the next step and she said she doesn’t even think I’ll be ready till next week. I told her I’m totally fine with that cause I want her to do my iui. And she was like oh yes definitely she really wants to be the one to do it. So now we just wait for more tests on Friday and go from there! Hoping and praying everything works out this cycle. 

iui schedule

So last iui I was given a schedule of what would be happening and what to expect. 

So according to this I won’t have the IUI till cycle day (give or take) 17… well then its possible it will fall on a weekend and the way my clinic works they won’t do it out here… I’ll have to drive almost 2 hours away to have this done 😦 

I told my RE about this and she said that she will monitor my follicles and see how they are growing and go from there… 

Of course here I am already feeling overwhelmed…. so I guess we’ll see what happens with my next ultrasound. My RE told me she’s shooting for me to take the ovidrel shot next Wednesday! But of course it all depends on how my follicles grow! 

I’m excited about all this but of course deep down I know the statistics for getting pregnant with an iui and I have some fear that maybe it won’t take… iui’s are expensive and my insurance doesn’t cover it. I have a HSA so I’m using that but I don’t want to use all that money…. 

anyway please keep me in your thoughts and prayers that this works on the first try. ❤️