NST #11

Bp was good apparently.. they didn’t tell me what it was.

Baby was moving very well. I was in there for like 20 min.

I have 3 non stress tests left!


2 prenatal appointments left!

I’m 37 weeks and have 2 weeks left!! Super excited to meet this sweet baby. Praying I don’t go into labor before my csection.. I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure down below… and cramping. Thank you Lord for another week!

NST #10

Bp: 146/78

It was really high and they ended up checking me again and it went back down to the 130’s so not bad.

I’m stressed out a bit since the kids are sick with Flu B and both my kids had some high fevers this morning… 103 and 101… so ya.

On a good note the baby was kicking a bunch and I was in there for only 20 min. I have 3 more non stress tests to go to.

I’m not sure if he’ll have me do one the week of the csection since it’s scheduled on a Friday.

I’m thankful I’m staying healthy and have not gotten this flu bug. I’m on Tamiflu and I’m so glad I started it early.

36 weeks 5 days

My husband is feeling better… but today both my kids were acting odd so we took their temperature and both kids have fevers.. my husband took them to urgent care..

My oldest has Flu B and my little one doesn’t supposedly. But because she’s around her sister all the time they have both kids on Tamiflu…

I am a little bit more worried about my little one because she’s had RSV and she’s showing signs of congestion in her lungs.. so I already started her on breathing treatments of steroids and albuterol. … oi

So I’m Lysol-ing EVERYTHING. I’m washing hand towels and just trying to stay away from the kids.

I only have 18 days left before my c-section and I need everyone in this house to be 100%! So I guess them getting sick now isn’t a bad thing. They have 2 full weeks to get better! Also my oldest isn’t allowed back in school till next week even if her fever breaks. But I totally understand. I wouldn’t be too happy if another kid was sent to school and they weren’t fully better…

So ya that’s my crazy life right now… pray for me please… I really need it!!

Prenatal, NST 9, Ultrasound

So had my prenatal check up yesterday and bp was 138/79. I gained another pound… so I’m up 19 lbs ouch..

Heart rate was in the 140s and baby is doing well. Protein test came back normal.

So the Non stress test today was good. Bp was 137/78

I’ve just come to terms that my bp is staying up in this range for now on. The baby was moving enough I was out in 20 min.

I had my final maternal fetal medicine ultrasound. Baby was measuring normal. They expect him to be about 6 lbs.

I still didn’t get to see his face. He is so smooshed down that I can’t see him.. boo 😦

But I’ll be seeing him in 3 weeks! Can’t wait.

On a crappy note my husband is super sick… he’s got strep and flu A… so I let my doctor know and I’m on Tamiflu just in case. I pray I don’t get sick!! I also pray the girls don’t get it!

I’m so glad I made it through another week. 💙 thank you Lord 💙

NST #8

Bp: 132/78

Baby was moving a bunch in the beginning but then found a comfy spot and went to sleep. Luckily the nurse got enough of his accelerations so I got to go home.

Thank you Lord for another good check up. 💙

NST #7

Bp 123/78

Baby was moving enough I was out in 20 min!

I don’t know why my bp was high yesterday and not today.. sometimes I wonder if it’s because I get so stressed when I go so my ob… it’s not him.. it’s the office.. that’s the first place I got the news I had high bp… and I was crying … it’s just rough..but at least now my doctor can see that my bp is good when I’m not there and luckily he doesn’t go by just one bp.

Thank you God for another week. 💙 I love this baby so much. Praying for good numbers from my urine and blood work.