Ultrasound Update: blood work

So they took some blood today. I’m hoping my numbers are going down. So now I wait for the call.

She checked my uterus and they found nothing. She didn’t see anything except for giant cysts in my left ovary… like they were so big my ovaries were touching…. didn’t know that was possible but it makes sense. I’ve had some awful ovary pain for the past week or so. That explains it. Because it’s so early she can’t rule out a tubal pregnancy.

The hope now is my numbers drop and we are done with all of this. And just come to the conclusion this was a chemical pregnancy… which I consider to still be a loss…

anyway I was really struggling last night with jealousy and anger and a sweet lady posted a link to a blog… it answered my questions.

It’s a very good read I’d recommend it! It’s called “But Why Does She Get Babies?” And it’s just eye opening. ❤️

Update: numbers went from 207.8 to 195 so hopefully this should be ending soon!

2 thoughts on “Ultrasound Update: blood work

  1. Bless your heart. And yes, I definitely count a “chemical pregnancy” as a loss! And it makes me really mad when other people brush it off. It’s a loss and it hurts! I hope your bloodwork comes back right so you can start moving forward with your healing.

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